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Research Thrusts

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Resiliency and self-sufficiency are very important for forward operating bases and fixed installations critical in water-constrained states.

The supply of safe drinking water and the effective treatment of wastewater to protect public health and the environment are essential for the prosperity of the future generations.

We have the opportunity to translate the research advancements for general public benefits, especially in the arid Southwest and communities facing water scarcity.


The organizational structure of the research team includes five research thrusts:

Thrust 1: Autonomous and distributed water systems

Thrust 2: Data science

Thrust 3: Concentrate management

Thrust 4: Attenuation of trace organics detection

Thrust 5: Attenuation of viruses.


The program includes three cross-cutting thrusts to enable and drive a convergent research approach:


Thrust 6: Sustainability and Circularity

Thrust 7: Education and workforce development

Thrust 8: Technology transfer

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