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Relevant papers

Autonomous And Distributed Water Systems

Alhussaini, M. A., Souza-Chaves, B. M., Felix, V., Achilli, A. (2024) Comparative analysis of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration for the removal of dissolved contaminants in water reuse applications, Desalination.

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Data Science

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Concentrate Management Technologies

Inkawich, M., Shingler, J., Ketchum, R. S., Pan, W., Norwood, R. A., Hickenbottom, K. L. (2023) Temporal performance indicators for an integrated pilot-scale membrane distillation-concentrated solar power/photovoltaic system, Applied Energy, 349, 121675.

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Attenuation of Trace Organics Detection

Niu, Xi-Zhi, Pepel, R. D., Paniego, R., Field, J. A., Chorover, J., Abrell, L., Saez, A. E., Sierra-Alvarez, R. (2021) Photochemical Fate of Sulfonium Photoacid Generator Cations under Photolithography Relevant UV Irradiation, Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry, 416, 113324.

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Detection And Attenuation of Viruses

Condon, L.E., J. Ruiz, P. Antin, J. Buizer, S. Collinge, N.L. Esquerra, L.A. Ikner, S.B. Megdal & K.J. Patten (2023) The Presidential Advisory Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Food Production in a Drying Climate. Final Report, August 2023.

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Christina M. Morrison, Walter Q. Betancourt, Daniel R. Quintanar, Gerardo U. Lopez, Ian L. Pepper, Charles P. Gerba (2020) Potential indicators of virus transport and removal during soil aquifer treatment of treated wastewater effluent, Water Research 177, 115812.

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Sustainability and Circularity

Lee, S., Wilson, A. M., Cooksey, E., Boccelli, D., Verhougstraete, M. P. (2022) Exploring Vulnerable Nodes, Impactful Viral Intrusion Sites, and Viral Infection Risk Reductions Offered by Chlorine Boosters in Municipal Drinking Water Networks, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 148 (9), [04022048]. 

Amanda M. Wilson, Irene Mussio, Susan Chilton, Lynn B. Gerald, Rachael M. Jones, Frank A. Drews, Judy S. LaKind, Paloma I. Beamer (2022) A Novel Application of Risk–Risk Tradeoffs in Occupational Health: Nurses’ Occupational Asthma and Infection Risk Perceptions Related to Cleaning and Disinfection during COVID-19, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 19, 1609.

Kerton R. Victory, Amanda M. Wilson, Nolan L. Cabrera, Daniela Larson, Kelly A. Reynolds, Joyce Latura, Paloma I. Beamer (2022) Risk perceptions of drinking bottled vs. tap water in a low-income community on the US-Mexico Border, BMC Public Health, 22, 1712.

Education and Workforce Development

Itzel Márquez, A. Eduardo Sáez, Kimberly Ogden, Andrea Achilli (2022) A Hands-On Course on Intensified Membrane Processes for Sustainable Water Purification, ChemicalEngineering Education, 56(3), Summer 2022.

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